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Why Choose Cosmeceuticals?

Cosmeceuticals are products backed by science, which include ingredients that are proven to be good for your skin. They contain more active ingredients that affect the deeper layers of your skin, where it can have a greater impact on the collagen, elastin and cellular activity than most cosmetic products can.

The active ingredients in cosmeceuticals are at higher levels than the cosmetic products you can buy at a department store or supermarket. The stronger concentration of active ingredients, usually in a range of different combinations means they are able to have a greater positive impact on the improvement of your skin.

Over-the-counter cosmetics may, on a topical level, make your skin feel nice on the skin, but they only cover and coat and do not penetrate the skin. Cosmeceuticals are much more beneficial than standard cosmetics should you be prone to troublesome skin. They’ve been proven to help with a variety of skin problems such as; sun damage, fine lines, oily skin, deep wrinkles, dry skin and acne. The stronger active ingredients means there can be adverse effects if not used properly, so it's important to consult a specialist before using these products.

However cosmeceuticals aren’t just for those who have problematic skin. If you like to give your skin the best possible chance to look and feel younger, firmer and less damaged then these are the products for you. They’re also great to use after other beauty treatments such as microdermabrasion or peels, as they can help sooth your skin and regenerate quickly.

I stock The Dr Aspect professional skin care range containing active ingredients for the treatment and prevention of ageing and photodamaged skin designed specifically to your skin needs and condition. Common ingredients in the range include alpha and beta hydroxyl acids (Vitamin C, citric acid, glycolic acid and lactic acid) and antioxidants (Vitamin B, C and E). The range is chirally correct and contains no chemicals.

I've been working with cosmeceuticals for a number of years and suggest having a skin analysis to determine the most appropriate skin care regime. If you're interested in learning more, or to find out which products would most benefit you, you can book a consultation with me by heading to our book now tab.

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