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Sub Dermal Level

What is the hypodermis or sub-dermal level?

Your skin has three main layers:

The hypodermis (sub-dermal tissue) is the innermost layer of skin in your body.

The dermis is the middle layer.

The epidermis is the outermost layer.

What is the hypodermis’s function?

The hypodermis has many functions, including:

  • Connection: The hypodermis connects your dermis layer to your muscles and bones.

  • Insulation: The hypodermis insulates your body to protect you from the cold and produces sweat to regulate your body temperature, protecting you from the heat.

  • Protecting your body: The hypodermis allows your skin to move smoothly over the tissues and muscles underneath it. Without the hypodermis, your skin would rub against those tissues and muscles. It also acts as a shock absorber to protect your organs, muscles and bones from harm.

  • Storing energy: The hypodermis produces fat cells (adipocytes), which store energy.

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